China's Business


It's called the Belt Road Initiative and much of the world is onboard with this Chinese plan. The Belt Road Initiative is a program where China is lending colossal amounts of money to nations around the world for the purpose of rebuilding infrastructure. That infrastructure is in the form of new ports, railways, highways, power stations, aviation and telecommunications. The infrastructure connects countries to China to better facilitate trade. 

It was originally called One Belt One Road back in 2013 when it was launched. Now the money lending and the infrastructure building is being implemented on a global scale. The program has an estimated completion date of 2049. World involvement in the program accounts for about 65 per cent of the world’s population, one-third of the world’s GDP, and about a one-fourth of all the goods and services the world transports.

Who is signing up for the Belt Road Initiative? According to Wikipedia, there are sixty-eight countries taking the loans and investments.  Countries all over Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East are signing on the dotted line and  borrowing the money. By 2018, Singapore had borrowed 24.3 billion, Malaysia 14.1 billion, Russia Federation 10.4 billion, Indonesia 9.4 billion, South Korea 8.1 billion, Israel 7.9 billion and Pakistan, which is practically a third world nation and does not have the ability to pay off the debt, borrowed 7.6 billion.

Pakistan is not the only country that is going into  huge debt to China without the ability to pay it back. The African continent is literally being taken over by China. China wants their oil, their rare metals, their fish supplies and their land which it is using to grow crops. Africa is having a difficult time feeding its own populations and now farmland is being used to supply China's needs. African  debt load to China is staggering,owing China more than $140 billion. There are numerous African countries that owe at least 20% of their nominal GDP to China.  All of these nations are very poor and do not have the ability to pay back the debt.

What about Canada? Are we apart of the Belt Road Initiative? Not officially, but through the back door we are. We are involved through the backdoor by involvement with SNC Lavalin. This Quebec company is heavily involved in Belt Road infrastructure projects around the world. SNC Lavalin became headline news across Canada  when the Parliament of Canada's Ethics CommissionerMario Dion found that Trudeau tried to improperly influence Attorney General  Jody Wilson-Raybould, the  former Minister of Justice,  to intervene in an ongoing criminal case against this  company. When Conservatives tried to open a probe into the case, Liberals blocked the move. Raybould is also not allowed to discuss the matter because of solicitor-client privilege. Trudeau expelled Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal Caucus on April 2, 2019,  and stripped her of the Liberal party nomination for the next election.

Regardless of our involvement in SNC Lavalin, Canada owes China a lot of money. Canada is one of a number of countries whose  debt to China is somewhere between 5-10 percent of our GDP. China is Canada's second largest trading partner and our economies are very much interconnected.

There is a counter strategy to offset Chinese dominance and the Belt Road. The countries of the United States, Australia, Japan,  and India joined forces to create  the “Blue Dot Network”. This is a strategic economic and military plan to secure the Pacific Ocean and guaranteeing free trade in the region.The United States refers to this plan as the "Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy" (FOIP). President Donald Trump has organized this strategy around security, economics, and governance. He has also shown a great willingness to conduct trade war with China. This  is  a direct counterattack against Chinese dominance.

How much money will China lend to the world through their Belt Road Initiative? There is not a set amount but it is believed to be in the trillions. China assures the world that this is all just a natural part of globalism.Their end date of 2049 will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. If everything transpires the way they want it to, by 2049 the world's infrastructure will all be set up with its roads, ship lines, trains, etc, all flowing back to China. The world will be buried in debt to China and they will be collecting their interest. They will be celebrating their nation and rich multinational corporations that outsourced their manufacturing to China will be celebrating too. It will be a great day for China,  for globalism and for communism. It will be a bad day for you as you see your taxes rising higher to cover interest payments on our debt. It will be a bad day if things continue down the present path.

Do things have to continue down the present path? Why not make a break? It is time for Canada to open our eyes to where we are headed and change course. We don't need Communist China.The Blue Dot Network could turn the tables.  Let us restructure. Let's free ourselves while freedom is within reach and while we have partners who are willing to do the same.