Will Vaccinations Be Mandatory

Posted by Jeremy on September 4, 2020

Letter To MP'S Will Vaccinations Be Mandatory?

Dear MP

Hello, I am a Canadian citizen who is concerned about whether or not Canadians will be required to receive a future Corona virus vaccine. We hear in the news that a vaccine is being worked on and that it will be fast tracked to get it out to the population. I have read that the approval of a vaccine is a long process that can normally take 10 or even 15 years. Many Canadians do not like the idea of a vaccine being hurriedly put together. Not everyone trusts vaccines either. It is important to Canadians like myself that when this vaccine comes out that we have the right to refuse it, if we so choose. If we do refuse it we do not want to lose our jobs or have other restrictions placed on us. I respect the rights of others to receive the vaccine and would like to know that my right to refuse is also respected. Will this government put forward legislation that will protect Canadian's right to accept or refuse vaccines without consequence?

Thank you.


Shawn Stevens.