VACCINE LETTER 4 To Members of Parliament

Posted by Shawn on October 5, 2021

Dear Member of Parliament:

Hello, Thank you again for reading. I am a Canadian and I would like to know what compensation is the Canadian government going to make to individual Canadians and their families whose health may be ruined by a Covid vaccine? From what I understand, unless one moves to Quebec there is no vaccine injury compensation program to compensate them or their family for the potential life-long injuries or death than they might suffer from receiving a vaccine injection.

This is a concern since the Canadian Federal government website admits Up to and including September 24, 2021, a total of 194 reports with an outcome of death were reported following vaccination.”

Not everyone wants a vaccine but my family and I do want and need me to keep my job. Therefore, we need the government to make commitments to Canadians in the form of Bills and formalized laws that clearly state and guarantee that:

1)Vaccines will always be voluntary and not mandatory.

2)That the rights and freedoms of Canadians will not be over-ridden to expedite mass vaccination.

  1. That employers may not dismiss an employee from his or her job on the basis of them refusing a vaccine.

  2. That in job interviews candidates for employment will not be asked whether or not they have received a vaccine.

  3. That anyone offered a vaccine must also be informed of the risks.

Human rights are important to Canadians. Human rights do not become less important during times of national crisis. If anything, they become more important because they are at greater risk of being lost. Thank you for reading my concerns.

I appreciate your consideration.


Shawn Stevens