VACCINE LETTER 10 To Members of Parliament

Posted by Shawn on October 10, 2021

Dear Member of Parliament:


Hello, I am a Canadian who wants my government to respect and defend human rights. Specifically in regards to Canadians choosing for ourselves if we will receive a covid vaccine and not be punished by government for making the choice not to receive a covid vaccine.


Those of us who do not want the vaccine feel this way for good reason. Vaccination is an invasive medical procedure which uses a potent class of drugs that carry a risk of injury and death. The Canadian public is becoming more and more aware of the negative reactions and side effects. Although government officials insist that these vaccines are safe, the long term impact of covid vaccines on both the immune and neurological systems and the long range results on human health are poorly understood. These covid vaccines were not given the proper 5-10 year testing period which is normal for vaccines. I am concerned that this government may have taken a considerable risk with the health of Canadians by pressuring Canadians to receive the Covid vaccines.


Let Canadians decide for ourselves whether or not these vaccines are safe for us to take. Then please respect the decisions of all of us, including those of us who do not want the vaccines. I know that this is a difficult issue. Thank you for giving consideration to my viewpoint.


Thank you


Shawn Stevens