Resist China


Prepare to be swamped, overtaken, imperialized and sucked dry by China. No, it doesn't have to be that way. We can change course. We can resist the giant, on a national level. However, we should be concerned about the path our Liberal leaders have placed our country on. China has received much support from  Liberal Canadian administrations and such administrations have greatly integrated our economy with China's economy. We should be concerned about the direction our leaders are steering us in. We should be concerned because the values of the Chinese Communist Party are not the values of most Canadians. We should be concerned and change course.

When I talk about the threat that China poses I am not referring to the common man or woman in China. They are not our enemy. In fact, we stand with them in their struggle to become free. I am declaring emphatically that the communist government of China is our enemy, has done much damage, has disregarded human rights and if they are not restrained from accomplishing their goals, will take over the world.

Communist leader Mao Zedong began a revolution in China in 1946. By 1949 he had taken control of the country and fully established  national communist rulership and ironically called China the “People's Republic of China.” Of course this did not happen without tremendous bloodshed and civil war, with Chinese people on either sides of this conflict. What were the numbers of those slaughtered? Again, we can only estimate because this is not a topic China is transparent on. The lowest death toll estimates for the second Chinese civil war are around 100,000 but most historians believe it to be over one million people. Some put that number at three million and Rummel, who also works in the estimates of the democide and the subsequent famine, gives a number of over six million. Mao launched a massive initiative to industrialize the country and this initiative and the subsequent famine that followed it, resulting from it, took the lives of  somewhere between 20 million and 46 million people between the years of  1958 and 1962.

Chinese communists set up a country where citizens had no rights, no freedoms, were monitored, taken advantage of and ruled over with an iron fist.

China practices the suppression of religious freedom, the suppression of freedom of speech, the suppression of freedom of press, suppression of freedom of association, suppression of freedom of assembly, and is believed to have practiced organ harvesting. Christian churches are frequently disrupted and their leaders arrested. Churches are sometimes bulldozed down so that their congregants can't use them. China  controls what its citizens can and cannot view on the internet. It practices numerous forms of torture. China requires, for their records,  the DNA samples, fingerprints, eye scans and blood types of millions of people. China has a mass surveillance system for monitoring the Chinese population. It includes video cameras, mobile phone tracking surveillance drones, etc. By 2019, it is believed that  200 million monitoring surveillance cameras were in operation in China as part of their skynet system. However by the end of 2020 it is forecast that they will have 626 million surveillance cameras in operation. Chinese citizens have a “Social Credit” number assigned to them and this number increases and decreases, depending on their behavior. Your social credit number score determines how many freedoms you are permitted to enjoy.  Chinese internment camps are another hot topic on which we have no transparency from Chinese authorities.  As of 2018, it was estimated that the Chinese government has detained hundreds of thousands or perhaps a million of its people in these camps. For decades it only allowed one child per family, with certain exceptions, and  required abortion when mothers became pregnant outside of these parameters.  China practices capital punishment, not just for murder but, for other offenses. It is estimated that  over 1000 people are executed every year in China. The iron fist is in full swing and western nations find China's controls over it's people excessive and cruel.

The Chinese Communist Party found a friend in the Canadian Liberal party. When the Communist Party of China came to power in 1949, Canada's relations with China ended. However in 1970 Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Tudeau   reversed this position and established relations with the Communist Party of China. Canada was one of the first western countries to embrace the regime. The Liberal Jean Chretien years saw a great deepening of that relationship. His government gave the them access to the powers of the  Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act. The Chretien administration  supported China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Once China received accession in the United Nations World Trade Organization, they were set on a course to economic success. The Chretien government signed numerous agreements with the Chinese Communist Party, to many to list here but if you would like more information visit ( His International Trade Minister  Roy MacLaren  said  "To get China into the WTO was fundamental to our trade policy....I have no doubt that the China strategy was the right one. In my view, it worked." (For the full, longer quote visit (

Many Canadians today feel that the Canada's Liberal pro-China Communist Party relationship has not worked. We feel that it was not the right choice and that we should never have gone down this road. Reversing course now may be difficult but it is still possible. While we ponder this issue, China is surging forward. As we are sitting here, China is positioning itself to gain supremacy in economics and in military tactical operations on land, sea, air and even, outer space.

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 Thank you for your interest.