The Climate Emergency Story


It may be that you have memories from your childhood of being tucked into bed at night and read a bedtime story by your parent or guardian. Those bedtime stories may have been filled with fantasy, elves, unicorns, etc. However, you didn't care. You just enjoyed all the fantasy, fun and fiction. You enjoyed the story. However, now as an adult you like to read non-fiction. You live in a real world and you want to know the truth about real things and you don't have much appetite for the stories anymore. This is especially true when a fictional story is passed off as non-fiction. Then it is not just a story; its a fake, a falsehood, a fabrication. Well, the globalist elite have quite the story for you and I to believe.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a fan of air pollution, I don't dump containers of engine oil on the ground and I recycle like everybody else. I am just trying to push back a little on all of the doom-mongering hysteria that has filled our educational system and our fake news networks.

Where is all of the disinformation coming from anyway? If you follow the trail you will find that the United Nations is a major proponent of the climate emergency story. The pseudo-science flows from there to just about every country of the world. It is embraced by liberal politicians everywhere and becomes a basis for a never-ending procession of new laws and legislation bent on restricting people everywhere, all in the name of saving the planet. From there the flow of quasi-science is embraced by our educational system, the media and world of cyber communication saturating everything with this narrative.

Although there are an innumerable number of organizations in on the climate emergency story, promoting it and sounding its alarm, the United Nations is the biggest player at this table. TheUnited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP ) organizes and runs the UN's environmental activities and is involved in impressing on governments the narrative that they should adopt more environmental policies. According to the Canadian government, the “United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is the principal UN body that sets the global environmental agenda.” (

This program was founded in 1972 by a Canadian, Maurice Strong. It concerns itself with everything from atmosphere pollution , marine and terrestrial ecosystems, environmental governance and green economic development.

Money pours into the United Nations Environment Programme from every corner of the globe. In the UNEP published article, “SUPPORT OF 80 MEMBER STATES VITAL TO UNEP BUT MORE IS NEEDED”, it reports that the budget for 2019 was 135 million US dollars. Canada is especially involved with this Program. According to the Canadian government website; “Canada actively engages with UNEP in many areas ... In 2018, Canada was the 10th largest contributor to the voluntary Environment Fund of UNEP.” (

While money is flowing out of Canadian pockets and into UNEP coffers, there are other nations that in 2018 were considering stronger assessment before giving money to UNEP. This was over corruption allegations and scandal. Denmark and Sweden have spoken out after a draft internal UN audit raised concerns over the organization's leader, Erik Solheim’s, frequent flying expenses.

What did the audit show? Solheim spent 488,518 US dollars on air travel expenses and apparently was away from his office 80 percent of the time in the 22 months since he joined.  After the news broke, Solheim resigned. Concerns extend beyond Solheim's actions and expenses alone. It was also found that UN environment staff spent nearly 58 million US dollars on air travel expenses in a two year period. When trying to trace these travel expenses it was found that of 596 trips made by 32 managers and other staff, only 210 travel reports were submitted. The reports for the other trips were missing.

The problem with any attempt to hold the United Nations accountable for its corruption is what internal auditors have termed a “culture of impunity.” The UN reports to itself alone and is shielded by diplomatic immunity.

With the protections of diplomatic immunity, the United Nations continues to march forward with its narrative of a great climate emergency.

The climate emergency claim is built around evidence of global warming. We are told that this global warming is a result of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses and that the long-term effects of this warming are catastrophic. As the story thickens, we are told that the long-term effects are actually imminent as an irresponsible world community has let environmental abuses bring us right now to the very edge of catastrophe. The story keeps climaxing as we are told that the ice under our feet is now so thin that unless immediate radical action is taken to reverse all of the monstrous damage, we may loose it all.

Is the earth warming and should this concern us? Well, there are indicators of global warming, the most notable being the gradual melting of earth's polar caps, or at least the northern cap. As well as this, receding glaciers are another indicator. However, should this concern us?

The impression that we are left with from the global warming movement is that the earth was at one time very cool and has been increasing in temperature throughout human history, spiking in recent years. However, you may be interested to know that the earth's temperature has oscillated back and forth throughout history. Geologists tell us that the earth bounces between glacial periods, a time of colder temperatures, and Inter-glacial periods, a time of warmer temperatures. It has undergone warming trends, followed by cooling trends, followed by warming trends and then followed by cooling trends. At present we seem to be in one of those warming trends.

We know that there were times in earth's history when it was much hotter than it is today. One indicator of this is the discovery of fossilized tropical forests in northern places of the earth like Svalbard, Norway, which today is under snow and ice. Geologists tell us of ancient times like the Neo-proterozoic and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum where the world was very hot. Although I have issues with their dating of these eras, I do agree with them that the earth was very hot in the past. Incidentally, back in the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum there were no cars or human factories or oil processing plants to blame the rising temperatures on.

Why would the earth's temperature oscillate back and forth and not remain constant? There is no one conclusive answer to that question but may I give my opinion? I would strongly suggest that it has much to do with the sun. I know that there are scientists who would balk and say “Oh its not that!” but take a minute and consider the sun.

The sun is one huge mega-mass of blistering atomic heat. The diameter of its radius is 1.39 million kilometers (864,000 miles). That's 109 times the diameter of Earth. The mass of the sun is about 330,000 times that of Earth. Just how hot is the sun? While impossible to know for sure, scientists estimate that the sun's core is around 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Just how much heat is it giving off? At present, every second the sun currently fuses about 600 million tons of hydrogen into helium. This converts 4 million tons of matter into energy every second.

While I have given some statistics on the temperature of the sun, which I got from wikipedia, it actually is impossible to give a static temperature of the sun. That is because the temperature of that great megaburner in the sky is constantly changing. It fluctuates. How much does it fluctuate? Well, to try and give you an idea, the sun is made up of different layers. According to the National Solar Observatory, temperatures in the corona section can vary between 1.7 million degrees F (1 million degrees C) to over 17 million F (10 million C). That is quite a fluctuation.

Now imagine that the hottest thing in our galaxy is fluctuating in temperature by millions of degrees and we are just a little ways over from it. Is it not reasonable to expect that our planet, along with every other planet in our galaxy, would also experience a rising and a lowering in our temperatures as well? Just one big hiccup from the sun and we are back in another Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum period. Just for a time and then we cool off until the next hiccup. Is that not a reasonable explanation for global warming?

The United Nations would like us to believe that the reason for global warming is greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. They prefer this explanation. This is the emergency story. How might the emergency story serve their purposes? Well, if the real reason for global warming is the sun, there is not a thing that you or I can do about it. However, if the reason for global warming is greenhouse gasses well maybe if we give the United Nations millions of dollars, there is something that we can do to diminish this effect.

The greenhouse gas emergency is colossal, but not so colossal that millions of dollars given immediately couldn't possibly help to change it. It is not so colossal that we have to change the sun, which we can't do, but it is colossal enough that a global organization like the UN could do something about it by placing rules, regulations and restrictions on people in regards to carbon emissions. It is too colossal for one nation like Canada to fix the problem itself, but it is colossal enough that a global government that could draw on global financial resources might just be enough to save the day.

Saving the day means controlling the people of the world in greater and greater ways. This means restrictions on rights, restrictions on freedoms, restrictions on daily life, all for our greater good, of course. This will be the ever evolving story.

According to the United Nations, “Just over a decade is all that remains to stop irreversible damage from climate change,...”(Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change, Speakers Warn during General Assembly High-Level Meeting General Assembly President, María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés  warns; “We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” (Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change, Speakers Warn during General Assembly High-Level Meeting United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, has declared; “We must address this global emergency with ambition and urgency,” (Only 11 Years Left to Prevent Irreversible Damage from Climate Change, Speakers Warn during General Assembly High-Level Meeting

The narrative there is still time for world citizens to spring into action and dig deep for this very colossal, but not too colossal, cause is not sitting well with all Canadians. While Canadians are digging deep to respond to the emergency, they can't help but wonder about the jet setting lifestyles of the United Nation's environmental elite? The current “culture of impunity” within the UN is maintained as they are shielded by diplomatic immunity. I don't know about you, but I don't like where this is going. I am not worried about global warming. We are willing to recycle but we don't need a multi-million dollar, multi-national globalist organization influencing our political leaders on how to adopt more regulatory policies for us to live by.

Shawn Stevens