China's Potential Responsibility For Corona Virus

Posted by Jeremy on September 4, 2020

Letter To MP'S On Inquirery Into China's Potential responsibility For Corona Virus

Dear MP

It is Canada Day and as I sit here writing this article, there are 10,475,502 cases of corona virus in the world and 104,193

in our own country. Worldwide 509,390 people have died. All over the world families have been torn apart, economies have been shattered, unemployment is soaring, debt is being assumed at never-before rates. All of this is because of a virus.
I am a Canadian citizen who is concerned about the government of China's handling of the covid 19 crisis. There is much conflicting information in the media over the source and handling of the outbreak. However, I am hearing that there is compelling evidence that would suggest that the government of China knew about the outbreak of the virus much earlier than they acknowledged, that they initially tried to suppress this information and that suspiciously a Wuhan Institute of Virology for years has been involved in studying corona viruses.

A class action lawsuit in Florida directed against China is just one of several lawsuits that are being filed in federal courts across America. The Florida suit is for six trillion U.S. dollars. Even the Missouri state government is filing a lawsuit of this kind. They feel that there may be enough compelling evidence to find the Chinese government guilty. Meanwhile, numerous nations, including Australia, have called for an international inquiry into China’s handling of the crisis.
Canadians would like to know if the government of China is responsible for the pandemic, even if it was responsible for it unintentionally. What is our government doing to investigate the role of and the handling of the Chinese government's involvement in the Corona pandemic? If it is found that there is responsibility on the part of China's Communist government, what is Canada prepared to do about it? Thank you.

Shawn Stevens