Beware of Globalism


What is globalism? Is it something that we need to prepare for? Globalism is a multifaceted concept that is challenging to sum up. It is a focus on the world as a whole; it is a focus on its environment, economics and political union. It is the belief that the world should pull together into one economic, environmental and political entity.

Liberal and secular forces are pushing hard for a one-world government. The assembling of a one-world government is the determined effort of many leaders today. In 1943, Wendell Wilkie's book, “One World,” was published and sold over two million copies. Two years later, Emery Reves' book, “The Anatomy of Peace,” argued for the setting up of a federal world-government. Books, such as these, began feeding the grass roots movement towards one-world government. In the United States, individuals such as Grenville Clark, Norman Cousins, Alan Cranston and Robert Hutchins, were all instrumental in organizing and, finally, forming the organization, the “United World Federalists,” in 1947. This organization later changed its name to “World Federalist Association” and then to “Citizens for Global Solutions.” By 1949, they claimed a membership of 47,000. Similar movements arose in other countries leading to the formation of a global coalition in 1947, now called the “World Federalist Movement.” This organization has seen a steady increase in membership and, by 1950, claimed 156,000 members and had spread to 22 countries. The international headquarters for the World Federalist Movement is based in New York City, across from the United Nations building. The World Federalist Movement, since 1970, has enjoyed special consultive status with ECOSOC and is associated with the UN Department of Public Information. Its supporters number between 30,000 to 50,000 people.

The World Federalist Movement works together with other member organizations such as “Citizens for Global Solutions,” “Union of European Federalists,” “World Federalist Movement – Canada,” “World Federalist Movement of Japan,” “Ugandan World Federalists,” “One World Trust,” “Committee for a Democratic UN,” “Democratic World Federalists,” and others.

World Federalists have worked hard at proposing and promoting amendments to the United Nations charter. Such amendments would institute reforms toward a world court with compulsory jurisdiction and judicial review authority and a more representative Security Council. They also support a United Nations standing, peacekeeping force and an international criminal court. The efforts of the World Federalist Movement show that the push towards global government is very real and is backed by thousands of people labouring toward this end.

Such a one-world government, that liberals and other secularists are pushing for, is not one based on Jesus Christ. It is largely a secular government with a secular agenda. Such acceptance of a one-world government will mark the end of western civilization, if it is implemented. Such a one-world government would swallow up, and assimilate, western civilization into its global, secular culture, not respecting and, eventually, not tolerating Christian values and faith.

The concept of a one-world government that is evil and that persecutes God's people, should not seem strange to a Christian. The Church has taught that this will occur in the end times and it is a popular topic among Christian pastors and authors. If we have been warned of this reality already then why are so many Christians unconcerned about globalism? I believe that there are two main reasons. First, most believers believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of the Church. Secondly, they see end-time events as being fixed and completely unchangeable. So, why worry or prepare for something that we have no control over?

The Bible teaches an end-time rapture of the Church. However, theologians have disagreed over when this rapture will occur. The majority view is that it will occur before the great tribulation period, meaning that the Church would not be on Earth during the difficult years of the one-world antichrist's rule. Although this is widely accepted by evangelicals, I, personally, am not convinced that the rapture will happen this way. It could happen this way, but we are simply not told with clarity. There is much obscurity concerning end-time biblical prophecy and the student of the Bible must read with humility and an open mind when wrestling with these kinds of topics.

What if the Church is not raptured before the tribulation period? Well, then she will be facing a one-world globalist government that is hostile towards her. I think that it is wise to prepare.

The other reason that I gave for believers being indifferent towards globalism was that we regard it as being fixed. Without a doubt, the future prophesied in the Bible will occur. However, there may well be many variables in these events concerning the extent of the one-world government's influence, power, etc. Who knows what variables there might be in the playing out of these events? We should not just accept their development as completely fixed in every way.

Even when the one-world government comes to power it, undoubtedly, will focus on controlling the main cities of the world. It is the cities that will be filled with population. Those populations will be dependent on the infrastructure of those cities. How far will such a government go to cross land and sea and ascend mountains to hunt down Hermit Joe? They probably won't bother with Hermit Joe. I believe that there will be a lot of Hermit Joes in the last days. They will have their little cabin on a hill with solar panels and their own garden and water supply. They will probably be in a good position to ride out the end of the world.

I am not saying that we necessarily should isolate ourselves from others at the moment life starts getting hard. The end-times are an incredible time for ministering and being a witness for Jesus. However, I believe that at some point the window to do so will close. Jesus said; “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John 9:4). What was He saying here? When is the time when no man can work? He may have meant the dark days of Gethsemane and His own crucifixion. At this time, He and His disciples could not do the type of ministry that they had been busy with before that time. However, I think that it is more likely that Jesus is speaking of a time, at the final end of time, when the window for ministry is closed and God's people are enduring to the end. When that time comes and a globalist one-world government is ruling, I hope that you have a place where your family can escape to and hunker down. Prepare for it now. What does preparing for this look like? First, get out of debt. Debt only makes you dependent on the financial system that the globalists one day will control. Preparation may include buying a trailer or even a small piece of land somewhere remote. It may be impractical for you to relocate at this present time but you may be able to set up an inexpensive get-away retreat that you may use at a future time. Have a plan. Plan to get away; plan how you can get away and escape your area if you need to one day?

God bless you.
Shawn Stevens



Scripture quotation taken from the King James Version