The following is a list of links to social justice type websites that this ministry recommends. By recommending them we are not saying that we necessarily agree with everything that they may have said. But I have spent time on these sites and do find them to be informative, interesting, challenging, stimulating and helpful. They are separate ministries, with the exception of Zion Christian Ministry, from our own and as such do not necessarily support all statements made by this ministry. Visit them today and let them encourage you in your public stand for truth. is the sister site for Visit and find books, magazines, music, art and more that seek to present Jesus and His gospel. God bless you. is an incredible website that gives visitors a broad range of programs. Of special interest is their CBN News which gives the best news broadcasts that I think can be found on the net today!

This site is a creation of The Voice Of The Martyrs. Here you will find gripping accounts of those suffering for their public witness for Jesus Christ.

This is an engaging site with lots of video that discusses social issues in Canada. Petitions etc. Well done. It is worth checking out.

This site represents a colossal think tank of articles and videos that address conservative social and political issues It is American based and American focused.

Very good site. Articles, videos, petitions etc. Not for fence-sitters.

Ask Dr. Brown is a fascinating site with challenging and engaging video and articles that confront culture and stimulate debate. Here you will find The Line Of Fire broadcast which simply is the best radio call in program on the air today.

One Free World International (OFWI) is an international human rights organization based in Toronto

Join the campaign to end modern day slavery and defend the dignity of every woman. Together we can end prostitution in Canada.

For more information on abortion and how to fight it. This website contains very graffic photo and video  material of aborted babies. Be forewarned before opening their site.

Restored Hope Network, as it's name suggests, seeks to bring hope, healing and deliverance to those trapped in the homosexual lifestyle. Visit their webste to learn more of how this is possible.