Video (must see!) Emergency Response Planning & COVID-19 / Guest Lt. Col. Dave Redman

Emergency Response Planning & COVID-19 / Guest Lt. Col. Dave Redman

In this video interview you will hear Lt. Col. Dave Redman. If you watch any video concerning the Canadian response to Covid 19, let it be this one. The following intro is from Faytene of the Faytene Television Show, I have made it all a link so just click it anywhere to go to the video.

No one would deny that we have been in an extreme season of emergency response to COVID-19. What some might not know is that provinces have an arm of government ready for these exact moments. They are called Emergency Management Organizations, often referred to as EMOs. My guest today Lieutenant Colonel David Redman has been one of the key players drafting these emergency management process plans, however, he has been speaking out over the last year because of what he describes as a perplexing oversight in which these emergency preparedness plans were not leveraged — the result: Canada has ranked last in our response to protect seniors from COVID-19 when compared to other developed nations. Lieutenant Colonel Redman maintains that as many as 73% of the deaths in our long term care facilities - where the majority of COVID-nineteen related deaths have occurred, could have been avoided if these pre-vetted strategies had been applied. This plan also would have mitigating social disruption, adverse economic impacts and supported effective use of resources. Lieutenant Colonel Redman joins me today to give some of his assessment and input how we need to “pivot” now to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes in the future, costing lives and leading to potentially devastating long terms impacts. We realize this is another sensitive conversation, but an important one.