Preparing for Cyber Attack


Cyber warfare is computer hacking conducted for the purpose of espionage or sabotage. We live in an electronic age. The average person is strongly dependent on, both, computers and power grids. The problem with this kind of dependency is that computers, satellites and even power grids contain vulnerable electric components which can be tampered with by hackers on the other side of the world. Transportation, communication, fuel supply, energy supply and even food and water supply are all vulnerable to disruption when they are targeted by hackers. Many preppers have seen the need to prepare for cyber warfare.

Cyber warfare is a reality in our world today. It goes on every day. The extent of it is hard to gauge because the perpetrators work hard at keeping their identities hidden. In 2009, numerous reports surfaced indicating that the United States' electrical grid system had been infiltrated by hackers. The U.S. Government has admitted that their electric power transmission is susceptible to cyber attack. The perpetrators of cyber warfare may be individuals, terrorist organizations or even governments. The government of Iran has boasted of having the world's second-largest cyber army.

How can you prepare for cyber attacks? Concerned individuals can prepare for cyber war the same way as preparing for other emergency crisis. Have an extra food and water supply. Prepare a “go bag.” Have a “bug in” and “bug out” plan. Because cyber warfare threatens computer systems and the power grid, try to organize your life so that you can live independently of these things. Consider alternative sources of energy such as solar panels. Do not have all of your financial assets in the form of electronic saving. Own hard assets such as property, gold and silver. Also, guard your personal information closely. Do not put personal information on the internet unless you feel it is necessary to do so. A little preparation can go a long way in prepping for cyber war.

God bless you.
Shawn Stevens