Preparing for Natural Disasters


What if the wind outside of your home started moving at three hundred miles an hour? You would be experiencing a tornado. You had better have done something in advance to prepare or you may be swept out that window. Tornados, fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanos are all natural disasters which occur in our world and which displace people around the world. Many preppers are preparing for natural disasters.

Many have thought, “Oh, but that sort of thing only happens to other people.” That's what the other people thought. Just because something hasn't happened to yourself or your family yet, or hasn't happened in your life-time yet, does not mean that it can't happen. Every year our news is filled with multiple instances of catastrophic natural disasters around the world. Most people in the disaster areas did not prepare. They had a rude awakening and that is because natural disasters strike quickly.

Many preppers are preparing for natural disasters. One good place to start preparing in is getting an emergency kit put together. Your emergency kit may include first-aid supplies, short-term food and water supplies and communication equipment. Have a pet carrier for your pet. Purchase extra insurance to cover your home and belongings. Pack a “go bag”. Your go bag may, again, include food and water but also duct tape, blankets and extra clothing. You may need an extra supply of prescription medicine. Most governments provide an “emergency preparedness” guide which you can read. The Canadian government supplies one on their web-site which you can download. For the long term, you may even invest in making your home stronger by implementing seismic design upgrades, flood proofing and wind design upgrades. Have a “bug in” and “bug out” plan.

Hopefully, they won't be needed but, if natural disaster comes knocking at your home, take the steps ahead of time so that you are ready for it.

God bless you.
Shawn Stevens



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