Make a Difference


You may have asked yourself this question as you have been reading material on this site. The need for reform in our political, educational, and societal world is very great. How can you help to bring about such reform? Do you need to stand outside of Parliament with a megaphone, delivering speeches? No, there are many things that a conscientious Canadian can do to shape our nation. Shaping our nation begins with standing up for what he or she believes. Standing up for what you believe can take many forms. Let all of them be peaceful, nonviolent expressions. At The Society for the Promotion of Freedom and Social Order we encourage letter writing to government officials. It is a sad fact that most Canadians never write to government. You and I can be different. You might feel like you have no time to research issues. If this is you, then I encourage you to look through some of the materials on this site and from them write your own letter.  If you are writing your own letter, we have included a link below that gives helpful advice on writing to government officials or ambassadors.