Posted by Shawn on October 28, 2016

Hello I am a Canadian citizen who would like to see Canada put pressure on the government of North Sudan to achieve human rights reform. The persecution of Christians in Sudan has reached the point of  ethnic cleansing. Islam is thoroughly  entrenched in Sudanese society.  Since 1999, Sudan has been designated a “Country of Particular Concern” by the United States State Department. For  decades Sudan has been without the rule of law . The press and media  have been restricted, and freedom of religion and expression  has been greatly curtailed. The cultural and ethnic landscape is  diverse and complicated; Muslim versus Christian, Arab versus Black. The creation  of the country of South Sudan  didn’t  solve these dilemmas.  The Sudanese government  is strictly implementing the policy of one culture, one religion, and one language. I realize that Canada has some sanctions in place concerning North Sudan but it is now time to add Export /Import restrictions to this country until they initiate substantial reforms. Thank you for hearing my request.

Shawn Stevens
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