VACCINE LETTER 1 To Members of Parliament

Posted by Shawn on October 5, 2021

Dear Member of Parliament:


Hello, I am Shawn Stevens. Thank you for reading this short letter. I am a Canadian who is concerned about whether or not we will be required by law or by employers to receive a Corona virus vaccine. Not everyone trusts these vaccines. It is important to Canadians like myself that we have the right to not receive them, if we so choose. If we do choose not to have the vaccines, we do not want to lose our jobs or have other restrictions, travel or otherwise, placed on us. I respect the rights of others to receive the vaccine, if they choose that for themselves, but it is wrong for any government to try to pressure us into receiving the shot if we have chosen to not receive it.


I would like to know that my right to not receive the covid vaccines is respected. There is already a persecution frenzy stirring against those of us who don't want the vaccines for ourselves. Will this government assure Canadians that our right to refuse vaccines will be upheld, that we will still have the freedoms that other Canadians enjoy and that we won't be punished for our convictions? Thank you.




Shawn Stevens