A Minimal Lifestyle Or 5G


What if we just sped up your life by a magnitude of 5? Would that be a good thing? Well, our society is on the cusp of a big change and that is the technological change from 4G to 5G.

What is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation technology for cellular networks that is currently being assembled. Once the infrastructure is in place, 5G technology will greatly expand bandwidth allowing for a faster internet and for much greater amounts of cyber information being communicated. This will revolutionize our modern world, opening the floodgates to the latest technology and everything will be greatly sped up.

Right now the floodgates of technology are held shut by the limitations of 4G networking capabilities.However, the technology exists in tech towns like Silicon Valley and many others to revolutionize our societies. Driver-less cars, wireless VR, wireless homes and much more is coming to your life, your workplace, your city. Computers will do the thinking for us through artificial intelligence, all made possible through 5G.

Yes, that's right. Computers will think for us. Did you know that computers can think? You say, “How can a computer think when it is not alive?” Well, it might as well be alive. Artificial intelligence is so far developed that it would shock us all to know just how much computers can analyze, forecast, organize, plan and command.

For computers to organize and command our lives, 5G needs to be operational. 5G is that point of connection between technology and our personal world. 5G brings this technology to us, facilitating the big change.
“Change” will take on new meaning with the enablement of 5G. Wave after wave of technology will roll in, affecting everything. Your employer, and also the government, will have many new tools to micromanage your life. Managers and foremen will delight in all of the new tools, that is until the next wave of technology rolls in and sweeps them away too and our new manager is a computer.

Welcome to 5G. This technology will also expose us to new threats. Cyber bullying, cyber hacking, cryptojacking, cyber terrorism and cyber war will be propelled to the next level. Cyber criminals never dreamed of all of the new opportunity that this technology opens up to them.

Do we need more technology? Do we really need more technology? Is your life going to be better for it? Everything will be faster but will it be better? Do you need a wireless smart home to have a home? Do you need cell phone reception that reaches Everest's peak? Do you need a driver-less car to be happy? Imagine the NASCAR race driver who is told, “You don't need to drive the car anymore, just sit in the driver's seat and look out the window.” “What if I like driving the car?” he responds.

Do we need more technology or does our government need more technology to reign and rope us in? Some would say “Yea, but 5 G is progress.” Really? Progress for who? Be careful that your life, your livelihood, your future is not wiped out by “progress.”

5G is also about making us more globally connected. It will streamline globalism. In this new world that we are on the cusp of, what you do tomorrow will depend on what happens in the financial markets of China, India or Bangladesh, today. What you do tomorrow will depend on the political winds in Russia or Turkey, today. What you do tomorrow will depend on political and economic shifts in Saudi Arabia or the European Union, today. What you are to do in response will be calculated by a thinking computer, in a nanosecond, and you will be made to know the where, what, how and why on a need-to-know basis.

I happen to like the freedom that low technology delivers. They haven't got their cyber tentacles around me yet. I would be fine with going back to 3G or better yet, going off grid.

Off-grid is the ultimate way of saying “NO!” to the governmental, institutional, regulatory, technological, elitist dominators who are trying to reign and rope us all in. The person who is off-grid is unplugged from the whole system, from the entire system. He or she is turned off. Turned off to control and turned on to freedom. Are you turned off?

Many forward-thinking people today are embracing an off grid lifestyle. One that involves living remotely, running a homestead, having a hobbyfarm, raising chickens, living off of the land. Off grid living may still include some technology. Solar panels bring electricity to many homes. These people are not running away from the world; they are creating their own little world, a better, freer world that is free of manipulation, cyber bullying, control, and rat-racing.

“Less is more.” Whether you or I take the plunge into off-grid life, or not, it is still possible to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Any amount of readjusting to a minimalistic lifestyle is a step away from the system and a stepping forward to freedom and independence. Minimalism is scaling back. It is embracing a life that is less cluttered and that needs less. A life that needs less also costs less. The minimalists find themselves more and more free, expectation-wise and financially. This may look different for each one of us but I encourage you to start unplugging, get turned off, scale it back and pursue a minimalistic lifestyle. I am trying to as well. God bless you.

Shawn Stevens


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