COVID-19 and China


As I sit here writing this article, there are 3,926,456 cases of corona virus in the world, 66,434 in my own country. Worldwide275,395 people have died. All over the world families have  been torn apart, economies have been shattered, unemployment is soaring, debt is being assumed at never-before rates. All of this is because of a virus.

As people try to come to terms with what has happened and what is happening, people are disturbed to hear different accounts and contradictory information in the explanations.

China reported to the World Health Organisation on  December 31 of 2019, that  a cluster of viral pneumonia cases broke out  in Wuhan China. They later filled in the following details. They told the world that the first case of a person having the virus was discovered on December 12 (later changed to December 8) and that the outbreak was  most likely  linked to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market and that  the virus is closely related to bat corona viruses. They maintained that the virus had  a natural origin in bats and must have jumped species into humans visiting Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. The United Nations World Health Organization quickly accepted China's version of the story and has praised them for their transparency.

However, China's version of the story is not the only version. One question that is now asked is why did China wait for as long as it did  before notifying the World Health Organization?Doctors in China began notifying both the Chinese government and later, the world through social media that a virus was spreading.  Information is coming out claiming that these posts were quickly censured and that the doctors were summoned by the police. They were warned not to spread these reports. There is now information suggesting that the numbers of people infected was much higher than what was initially reported. There is also information suggesting that a great many cases had no connection to the seafood market.

Could there have been another source for the virus other than the seafood market? It just so happens that in  Wuhan, China there is a  Wuhan Institute of Virology. It just so happens that a Dr. Shi Zhengli who has been working there for years has been conducting experiments on transferring corona virus from bats to other mammals. She has published more than one paper on corona virus studies. Is it coincidence that her work was being conducted in Wuhan, China?

This is the story that people would now like to know more about. I recently listened to an episode of BBC news program “Hardtalk” in which the interviewer was questioning a Chinese official. The official went on and on about how China is not to blame. The interviewer asked about some of the information coming out suggesting that the government shut down early reports of the spread. The official said that the government did not want panic to break out in the population. 

So, in other words, panic didn't break out but the virus did. If I may express my opinion, we don't need governments, whether they be in Beijing or whether they be in Ottawa, controlling the flow of information, controlling what people know, think and believe. Just tell the people and the world the truth and maybe a pandemic could be averted.

There is more information that is troubling. Now that this virus has been studied, it is noted that the “E” protein component to the virus has 100% amino acid similarity to a corona virus found in bats. This amount of similarity makes  it extremely unlikely  for the mutation to be a natural one. This degree of similarity suggest that the virus was engineered. The corona virus that is spreading in humans has an  “S” protein that makes it transmittable to human beings. This also suggests engineering. Without this protein it could not infect people. 

Why would a deadly virus be engineered? What possible good effect could come of such an experiment? Why would studies be done on how to make a bat virus transmittable to other mammals? Why do we need this kind of science? What possible purpose could such technology be used for?

Danny Shoham, an Israeli expert in biological warfare and  former intelligence officer, published an article in  India's Journal Of Defence studies called “China's Biological Warfare Program: An Interpretive Study with Special Reference to Biological Weapons Capabilities.” In that report, he claims that China has 42 facilities involved in research, development, production and testing of biological weapons.

What kind of government would  study, test and manufacture biological weapons? In 1999 two Chinese colonels published a book titled “Unrestricted Warfare.” This book outlines the strategy for a smaller army to defeat a larger, stronger nation than itself. It theorizes that a weaker nation may defeat a stronger nation if it employs a total unrestricted type of war involving as many forms of subversion as possible, both military and non-military. Could biological weapons be a form of unrestricted warfare? 

The World Health Organization  was very quick to take the side of China. They have praised China for making a quick response to the outbreak and for their transparency. On January 14, the World Health Organization informed the world  that there was "no clear evidence" that the corona virus could spread from people to people. I listened to them on the news say again and again that the corona outbreak was not a pandemic. It was not until March 11, 2020, that they had to admit that it was a pandemic. Why is there such a contrast in these two narratives? The consequences of China falling out of favour with the rest of the world is huge for globalists and perhaps also  for globalist organizations such as the United Nations World Health Organization. China is a centrepiece of the current global economic system. However, China is now facing calls for accountability.

A class action lawsuit in  Florida directed against China  is just one of  several lawsuits that are being filed in federal courts across America. The Florida suit is for six trillion U.S. dollars. Even the Missouri state government is filing a lawsuit of this kind. They feel that there is enough compelling evidence to find the Chinese government guilty. Meanwhile,  numerous nations, including Australia, have  called  for an international inquiry into China’s handling of the crisis. United States president Donald Trump has also made statements about not being happy with China right now and that the virus could have been stopped there. 

Could it be that the government of China is responsible for the pandemic either intentionally or unintentionally and that they could be made to pay trillions in compensation? It may come down to whether or not globalist forces are successful in advancing China's narrative over the call for accountability. The World Health Organization has many fans and our Liberal Canadian government  has emphasized that the World Health Organization  has cooperated  with its partners to make available the   most accurate scientific evidence possible in  response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Canadian government website states “We fully support the World Health Organization in leading the global public health response, as well as the efforts of the wider United Nations, the World Bank Group, and other international and regional organizations as they come together in a coordinated, coherent whole to respond to the wider socio-economic impacts of the crisis.” 

However, serious investigations and lawsuits are underway. What will they uncover? Will China's story and the story of the World Health Organization, as well as Canada's story hold up to intense cross examination? Who will be the world leaders at the time that the truth is known? If the nations are led by establishment, fence sitting, business as usual politicians then the globalist narrative will prevail. However, if you have someone in the Whitehouse who is unconventional, bold, brash and not afraid to confront,  there could be a reckoning for China. There could even be a great overturning of the present world system with China loosing its privileged place. Other countries will wait and see what America does in this great showdown and then take their cue when the dust settles and they see that it is safe. 

At this point nothing has been proven with absolute certainty. The investigations are underway. Even at this stage, there are some things that we should rally behind. There are things in this world that we don't need. We don't need governments controlling what we know, think or believe. We don't need giant organizations downplaying world crisis. We don't need biological experiments on how to transmit deadly viruses across species. We don't need biological weapons programs. We don't need governments run by military high brass who care more about the glory of empire rather than the plight of human beings. We don't need unrestricted warfare. We don't need a liberal globalism that covers up.  If any of these things are support pillars for the communist government of China  then maybe we don't need economic relations with that government either.

Shawn Stevens



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