Letter to Iran - Ambassador

Posted by Shawn on March 25, 2012

Chargé d'affaires, a.i.
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
245 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 2K2

Your Excellency Mr. Kambiz Sheikh Hassani:


I am a Canadian Christian who is concerned about human rights issues in Iran.

Youcef Nardarhani, a Christian, was arrested in October of 2009 and was sentenced to death for apostasy. I am concerned for his welfare and ask that you would give your attention to this case. Christians around the world are aware of this case and want to see his release. I appeal to you to make efforts towards his release that he may continue his peaceful duties as a respected citizen of Iran.

Thank you for hearing my concern. I have written a similar letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and also to the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. I would be pleased to hear from you.


Respectfully and sincerely

Shawn Stevens

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