Dangers Of 5G

Posted by Jeremy on September 4, 2020

Letter To MP's On The Dangers of 5G    

Dear MP

I am a Canadian who is concerned about the security threats to Canada that 5G technology poses. We read that 5G technology is coming to replace our 4G networks.
One concern is that criminals, cyber-bullies, cyber-terrorists, and other hackers will have expanded capabilities once 5G technology is available to them. Hacking, crypto-jacking, spam, malware and scamming will potentially increase exponentially.
Another huge concern is that Communist China is at the head of this technology. Chinese hardware and software could contain backdoor surveillance components to it. China's Internet Security Law compels Chinese companies to help the communist government whenever called upon. In China, the government takes the right to do anything it wants and answers to no one.
China has soared to the top of the technology ladder with its companies Huawei and ZTE being the most ready providers for this new technology. Many Canadians like myself do not trust the Communist Government of China and would rather not see Canada adopt 5G. Thank you for hearing my concern.

Shawn Stevens