VACCINE LETTER 8 To Members of Parliament

Posted by Shawn on October 5, 2021

Dear Member of Parliament:


Hello. I am a Canadian citizen and I would like to know how this government is going to defend Canadians who do not want the Covid vaccine? We have been told that it isn't mandatory. That's good that the government won't make it mandatory, but that does not address how will the government protect Canadians, who do not want the vaccine, from being discriminated against by employers, business, airlines, etc.


I am concerned that employers will require employees to vaccinate or will question prospective employees in job interviews, asking them if they have had their vaccination shot. This is already happening. One concern is our ability to leave the country. Will Canadians be able to get a passport if they refuse the vaccines? We have been promised in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms that “6. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.” If vaccines are required to obtain a passport then this fundamental Charter of Rights freedom is being taken away from many of us.


The Covid vaccine has potentially created a horror situation in which many Canadians could end up being trapped in our own country, denied the rights to employment and even basic services. It is not enough for the government to say that it will not make the vaccine mandatory. We need the government to put in place laws so that businesses, employers, government agencies, etc will not discriminate against Canadians who choose not to receive the vaccine.


We are not hearing much from our elected officials about the important issue of being able to refuse a covid vaccine and then not be punished for this choice. Do our elected officials care about the potential crisis that a great many Canadians fear? We don't want to be second class citizens who can't even claim Charter of Right freedoms. We need the government to act now in passing legislation that will protect Canadians who choose not to receive the vaccine, from being locked in the Country and from being shut out of Canadian society. I Thank you for reading my letter and for doing what you can. Thank you.





Shawn Stevens