Chilliwack Lake, B.C.

Covered with old-growth forest and alpine and sub-alpine ridges, Chilliwack Lake is an excellent spot for kayaking, swimming, motor-boating, or fishing.

Chilliwack is a city of 101,000 people, located at the east end of British Columbia's Fraser Valley. It is about 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Vancouver. It is a popular spot for RVing because it has  beautiful, expansive wilderness area.

The Chilliwack Lake region is  an especially great place to explore. It is covered with old-growth forest and alpine and  subalpine ridges. Chilliwack Lake itself is an excellent spot for kayaking, swimming,  motor-boating,  or fishing.  I especially recommend the hike from Chilliwack Lake Road to Lindeman Lake, having done this trek many times.

RVers have many options in the Chilliwack Lake Region.  All of it is dry camping. There are numerous camping locations along Chilliwack lake Road, like Tamihi Creek Recreation Area (116 sites, 604 824-0576), Thurston Medows ( 51 site campsite, 604-824-0576), Riverside Campground (15 sites,  and  at Chilliwack Lake itself (146 campsites, 1-800-689-9025 ). A short diversion off of Chilliwack Lake road at Foley Creek forest service road, then Chipmunk Creek Forest Service RD, then Bench Forest Service RD, will take you into a large wilderness region where you can RV camp  at Chipmunk Creek campground (22 sites, 1-800-689-9025).  You will see many other RVers boondocking in this area of Foley Creek and Chipmunk Creek. Chiliwack Lake is the only one of these campgrounds where you will find cold water taps. You will not have pay phones or cell phone service here. The closest store is about   32 kilometres away.

This whole area has many beautiful spots, roaring rivers, lakes and hiking trails. The area is also renowned for its ATV trails and there is a lot of ATV activity here, especially around Tamihi Creek. We have taken our RV here many times. Our favourite campgrounds are Tamihi Creek and Chilliwack Lake itself, but we have camped at Chipmunk a couple of times.  The only downside is that there are many people filling the area during the summer, most coming from Vancouver or the Fraser Valley.