Driving Your RV

Driving an RV is something that countless people have learned to do

safely-driving-an-rv.jpgDriving Your RV

Are you intimidated by the thought of driving an RV. Don't be. Yes it is larger than a car or your pickup by itself. However driving an RV is something that countless people have learned to do. It takes practice.

Where can I practice driving an RV? I would recommend going to the parking lot of a large mall or outlet store sometime at off hours, perhaps at night. Go somewhere where there is a large open space and set up traffic cones.  Once you have your area,  practice the art of driving an RV.

What do I practice when developing the art of RV driving? Try making right hand and left hand turns. Try backing up into a stall. Especially try backing into a space that requires you to curve as you back. This will fine tune your abilities.

A guide such as a spouse or friend can help you with your fine tuning. As long as they are patient. Have them stand behind your RV to one side where you can see them in your mirror. If they are trying to direct every move that you make remind them that you need to learn to judge each manoeuvre yourself, in order for you to develop the skill. They can be there to speak up if it looks like you might wrap the RV around a pole. They are also there to encourage you (“You are doing just fine. You are a natural!”)

There are many resources out there that can help you with driving an  RV. I would like recommend my own e-book “SAFELY DRIVING AN RV: What You Need To Know Before You Drive Away” which you can buy a kindle version of if you like. In my book you will find information on such things as doing a proper pre trip inspection, following distance, braking, right turns, left turns, controlling an RV in a curve, backing up and much more. There are many other books and courses out there that can help you with your refining. Google search RV courses for your area. Driving schools often offer them. Practice and training will help you to get the confidence you are wanting and needing. Invest a little in this worthwhile goal.  You are already well on your way!