RV Living

There are over a million people who live in RVs

RV Living

Friend, are you aware that there are over a million people who live in RVs? Why do they do it? How do they do it? Testimony after testimony is given by ordinary people who say that they were searching for a more adventurous life where they could see more of the world, be out in nature and at the same time, live  affordably. For many, RV living has been just that. It requires thinking outside of the box, reorganizing your life, simplifying things and taking a few risks. If you are the type of person who is ready to do that, then maybe RV living is for you. I am not trying to convince you to take the leap into RV living but, rather, to consider it as you make your plans for the future. RVing is a great way of seeing North America, meeting new people, finding the sun, getting away from it all and for many people, saving money.

How does  living in an RV save money? Well, consider the cost of a house in your city or town. For many, purchasing such an asset is out of reach. For others, it is in reach but only by working excessive hours for decades of life, often at a job that they don't enjoy and that sucks them dry of all their energy. Then consider the cost of upkeep, utilities, property tax, strata, etc. Instead of all that burden you could get an RV.

What if your home was on wheels, and it only cost you $30,000? There are many RV's in this price range as well as many that are more expensive and many that are less expensive. That price range could be anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000, whatever you think is appropriate and realistic to spend on your RV home. I bought my RV for $2,000. I do not regret it.

Isn't it expensive on fuel to run an RV? Yes, more so than an average car, however, the idea behind RV living is to spend time in a location, campground, RV park or even boondocking (camping for free). Once you are situated in the place of your choice, your dinosaur is parked, not running, for perhaps weeks, while you relax. Once situated you can get around the area on a bike or perhaps an economy car that you tow. You can charge small devices  with a portable power station such as the ones sold by Bluetti. For a link to their website and add click     Bluetti AC50 500Wh/300W Portable Power Station  or  Bluetti AC50S 500Wh/300W Portable Power Station.       There are options. 

How can I sustain that kind of lifestyle? Many people work from their RV running their own business, or doing a variety of jobs online over the internet. Others work seasonally and go RVing the rest of the year.   It is possible to unplug from ordinary nine-to-five employment and work from the road.

Those who live in RVs have full mobility, can say goodby to bad neighbours, are not tied down to a locality, and see the country. It means simplifying. It means downsizing. It means de-stuffing. Many like the idea of a more minimalistic life. They embrace frugality.  You can sell your Bronze Statue collection. You can give away all of those bowling balls in your closset that you never use. Your filing cabinets full of paper can be reduced to digital form. You can learn to  be content with one electric keyboard. You can downsize.

What about friends and family? There will be adjustments and  this might not make it worth while for you. That's okay, what I am saying is not for everyone. Those living in RVs connect with family and friends in a different way. There is Facebook, Skype, video chat, email and other ways of staying connected online. There are also many RVers who talk about all of the new friends that they have made in the RV community out on the road, at RV events and through RV clubs such as RVvilliage.com and others. RVing might expand your circle of friends instead of diminishing it.

Are there still expenses? Yes, it costs something to live anywhere. However, RV living can be  a very inexpensive way to live. It can be done. I know, there is a lot to consider. Take some serious time before making your choice. Listen to the many testimonies of others that are out there and on utube. It may be that RV living is a good fit for you.

Shawn Stevens


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