Community Rules for playing on MineBook Pro

Play nicely.

  • Respect other people's buildings.  
  • Don't break down their creations.  Don’t change or mine what someone else made.  
  • Leave lots of space between your building and other’s.  There is lots of space, go build in an empty area.
  • Don't take other people's stuff.
  • Stay out of any chest that is not your own. Other players worked hard to gather all that stuff.
  • Dig your own mine in a new area, rather than using someone else's mine.

Use friendly language

  • Talk and type nicely to people. (Press  T  to type something to the other people on the server)
  • Don't use bad words or insult other players

Be a considerate player

  • If you accidentally damage a house or path, then repair what you broke.  
  • Unless you are building something for everyone to share, you should build your creations away from spawn.
  • Add some signs to your creation so we know who it belongs to.
  • Build in your own area; don’t change or add-to someone else’s place without their permission.  
  • It's usually OK to harvest from somebody's garden (wheat, pumpkins, etc) but then you must replant the seeds for new plants to grow.
  • Don't use mods or cheats to change how the game is played.  

Only PVP if the other person agrees first.

  • Before doing some PVP, you must check that the other person is OK with PVP. They might be in the middle of mining or building, so PVP would be annoying.

Join Us building and exploring in MineBook Pro

The server is white-listed, so your minecraft name needs to be on the list before you can join.  
To join us, use this form to send an email with these 5 things:

  1. Your MineCraft nickname
  2. Your Mojang account email
  3. Full real name
  4. Email address where you can get email messages (if that’s different from your Mojang email). 
  5. A note saying that you have read and understood our community rules.

The server IP address may change occasionally, so I’ll need to be able to let you know what the new IP address is.  The server may take a few days to be updated after Mojang releases an update to the game.  Please be patient, but feel free to send me an email reminder if it takes longer.  We occasionally reset the world-map after a significant game update.

You must email me back saying that you’ve read the rules before I’ll add your name to the white list. 

You can send an email automatically with this form.


How to join once you are white-listed

  1. In Minecraft, click the Multiplayer button
  2. Click Add Server. Name it whatever you like, example "MineBook Pro"
  3. Server Address is:   then click Done.
  4. Select the new server and Join Server.