Tips for play on MineBook Pro

MineBook Pro is a Vanilla server with some datapack changes from


Explore with confidence.

Keep-inventory is on, and Creepers and Ghast damage has been reduced to prevent them from damaging our creations. DoFireTick is off and mob griefing os on, so villagers can do farming and trades. Check the trading villagers at spawn.

Feeling lost?

Before going exploring, type “/trigger sethome” to save a home location. Then “/trigger home” to go back home when you're lost or your inventory is full. Use this as often as you want.

Killed by zombies?

Type “/trigger back” will send you back to where you last died (one time only after each death). This must be done from the same dimension. If you are killed in the nether, you have to go back to the nether before using "/trigger back” Otherwise it will send you somewhere random.


Coordinates HUD.

Type “/trigger ch_toggle” will turn on/off coordinates display on the bottom of the screen.


There are a few non-standard crafting recipes, but you can find them in the recipe book.