MineBook-Pro-Server-Logo-128cl.pngWelcome to MineBook Pro the Explorer's Notes.

Information about playing with us on MineBook Pro, our family MineCraft server.



Page links are at the top right; check out the Players list, so you can find out who's online. Rules and login instructions are found under Join. There's a biome map of the server, tips, and screen-shots from players. The server news and change-log is below.


What change do you most want to see on the server?

News and Updates



Server whitelist enabled. Email aazide at gmail dot com if you can't get on the server anymore.

MineBook Pro Explorer's notes site updated with the new welcome message, rules, and instructions for the 1.16 server.



Server version updated to 1.16.1



Map refreshed with for Minecraft 1.16 with the new nether biomes. New map seed is "cant tell". Go explore the new map and caim a cool spot for your new house.