How to take a screenshot

In MineCraft, press F2 to take a screenshot (or press both fn and F2 on a Mac laptop).

If you are using Windows XP or higher, you can find the directory in which the screenshots are saved under by opening the "run" application and entering "%appdata%". Then select the folder ".minecraft" and then the folder titled "screenshots". If this is a bit complicated, then you can just copy and paste, %appdata%\.minecraft\screenshots  If you access the screenshots a lot, then you might want to create a short-cut.

On a Mac, choose "Go To Folder..." from the bottom of the Go menu. Paste  in this line  ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots   This will open the screenshots folder directly. 

House Pictures

Let everyone know which house(es) are yours. Send me a screenshot of your house and I'll post it here. 

Aazide's ravine house near the TP Tree. It is protected by the ravine cliff and a pair of crack ninja snow golems. Be wary of them if you intend to borrow the enchanting table. 

Azzzide's house near the TP tree. It has a cool airlock door in a tree. 


Cowshr00m's house near the TP Tree. There are some great gardens and animal cages around the back. 


Drscience0912's place.  The North road goes right through his house!


Thebrocar's house.  Love the funky roof line. 


Willdangraham's nearly-complete hardened clay house. The colour scheme is great.


Az1de's mountain house. Here he lives like a goat on a mountaintop. 


Az1de's remote house.  This is his day to day place.  It's way out in the middle of nowhere, so you probably won't see it unless he teleports you there. 


Crazy69536's house in merchant village.  I'm not sure what the structure at the top is for. 


LBflowers place in merchant village.  Check out the cool mall nearby. 


Diego33351 has an great house.  You will also need to go there to see the stunning banner shop he built.  Ask him about prices. 


Bullyfrog85 has a super cool house with an alpine style roof.  Just to the right you can see the monument with the ender dragon egg. 


Wasobee's house is supposed to look like a monster of some sort.  I think?


KBsunshine built this fabulous mushroom house. Who wouldn't want to live in a mushroom? I think KBsunshine has a bit of Smurf in her geans. 


Mrtoby11's house with his enchanting shop in the merchant village. 


Brocar and Bullyfrog built this stunning log house near the TP tree. It looks like it should belong to a viking prince. 

Cool Shots

Want to show off something cool you saw on the server? An amazing view, or a rare mob?  I can post a screenshot here.  As incentive, I'll send a diamond to the first person who emails me a screenshot of a chicken-jockey or a charged-creeper, but only if it's a screenshot from the MineBook Pro server!

Mail me at aazide AT


Az1de found this baby zombie riding in a minecart. Apparently zombies are tame if they are sitting down, so Az1de adopted the cutie and named him "Dave."


Diego33351 found a Spider-jockey.  It can climb walls and fire arrows. That's one dangerous mob!