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Welcome to MineBook Pro the Explorer's Notes.

Here you will find information about playing with us on MineBook Pro, our  MineCraft server.

Page links are at the top right; Check out the player list, so you can find out who's playing online.  There are instructions for getting connected in MineCraft and on Team Speak chat. There's a map of the explored areas on the server, and screen-shots from players. The server news and change-log is below. 

We have been thinking of changing the server type from survival to PVP. This would mean that players might be allowed to attack each other and wreck buildings. What do you think?


July 24, 2015
Added new player; Welcome Rocco!

June 1, 2015
Added new player; Welcome Liam!

May 13, 2015
Added two new payers to the server; Welcome Anthony and Ainslea!

Also added a new survey; should we change from survival to PVP or leave it as-is? 

Jan 22, 2015
The server was down for the afternoon because diego33351 accidentally spawned too many items and mobs in the skeleton XP farm. I was able to clean up the map and get the server running again this evening. 

Jan 17, 2015
Added many more screenshots over the last few days.  Also added instructions on how to take a screenshot, and where the file is saved. 

Jan 6, 2015
Website design finalized and published.  Let me know what you think of it.

Dec 30, 2014
We now have a website dedicated to information about the server.  Feel free to submit screen-shots or send me a note about errors and corrections. 

Dec 25, 2014
Check out the gift-spawner near the TP tree.  It will be there for a limited time. 

Dec 23, 2014
We now have a TeamSpeak server that allows everyone to talk with each other; like a big group Skype call. It works best if you are wearing headphones, especially the ones with a built-in mic.  

Look for detailed setup instructions in the future, but here's the basics:  Download the client app from here.  Install the app and create a nickname (use your minecraft name).  Connect to the MineBook Pro IP address  The password is the name of the town where Az1ide lives (all in lowercase). Bookmark the server for easy access later. Launch TeamSpeak and connect to the server before you launch Minecraft. 

There are two new teleporters to Water Fortresses. UnicornMurderer plans to make a mob farm in the second one.
There is also a new teleporter to a Flower Forest biome.