Duct Tape

Posted by admin at 3:22 p.m. on Mar. 29, 2020



Preppers have to have it. On the hobby-homestead, it is a must. You can use duct tape to:
  • Repair a hose (Oh, I have done this one so many times).
  • When your bandage falls off after 30 seconds of use, tape it back on with duct tape.
  • Reinforce knots. If you have tied something and you think that the knot will not hold, cover it with duct tape.
  • Make a sling to hold a broken arm.
  • Make a splint by duct taping strong branches together around a broken leg.
  • Fix cracks. Don't let water leak, duct tape it.
  • Use it as fly paper.
  • Taping the beak closed on your rooster when you want to sleep in.
Tim Macwellch. Prepare For Anything Survival Manual. Weldonowen San Francisco 2014.
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