Same Sex Lifestyle is Dangerous


It is dangerous to cross a freeway, blindfolded. It is dangerous to jump from the rooftop of one building to another. It is dangerous to hand-feed a tiger. These things are self-evident. However, did you know that it is dangerous to participate in the same-sex lifestyle?

In spite of what the modern media has told us, the same-sex lifestyle is very harmful and is connected to many risks. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that men who have sex with other men (since 1977) have a HIV prevalence that is sixty times higher than the general public's. Active homosexuals acount for the largest group of people who are found HIV positive by blood donor testing. 1 It has also been found that medical, psychological and relational pathology is significantly higher in the homosexual population than in the rest of society. According to the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, homosexuals are more likely to develop mental health concerns, eating disorders, paranoia, personality disorders, anxiety and depression. 2 They claim; “Researchers have shown that medical, psychological and relationship pathology within the homosexual community is more prevalent than within the general population. ... Overall, many of these problematic behaviors and psychological dysfunctions are experienced among homosexuals at about three times the prevalence found in the general population – and sometimes much more.” 3They also claim that according to an objective synthesis of the clinical and research literature derived from hundreds of sources: forty percent of adolescent homosexuals report suicidal tendencies: homosexuals have the highest number of sexually transmitted diseases; social discrimination does not account for all of this harm; it is a result of a deviant and dysfunctional lifestyle. According to the Center for Disease Control for the United States, homosexuals account for the single largest exposure category of males who have AIDS in the United States. The XIII International AIDS Conference, in Durban, South Africa, presented a study which says that 16% of a surveyed 1,397 homosexuals with HIV admitted having sex with a partner who was unaware of their disease. 4 It is shocking that so high a percentage of infected homosexuals would not disclose the truth about their deadly disease to their partner. It is nothing less than murder and all for lust and sexual gratification. If those statistics are shocking, then what should we make of the University of San Francisco's study which claims that 36% of homosexuals who practiced unprotected anal, oral   or vaginal intercourse  didn't inform their casual sex partners of  their serostatus. 5 If a percentage of 36 is shocking, then consider that in Los Angeles, in a study of bi-sexual men with HIV it was found that over 54 % did not disclose their infected status to their sex partners. 6

While HIV is a deadly disease, it is not only HIV that is rampant in the gay community, but other diseases are as well. The Center or Disease Control says; “Outbreak of hepetitus A among men who have sex with men are a recurring problem in many large cities in the industrialized world.” 7HVP, hepatitus A, hepatitus B, hepatitus C, syphilis and gay bowel syndrome are among the diseases which can be commonly found among the homosexual community.8 The CDC studied 3,492 homosexuals between ages of fifteen and twenty-two and found that one in six had sex with women, too. Of those who had sex with the opposite sex, one in four said that their sex was unprotected and nearly 7% of the men in this study had HIV. 9

Some will feel that exposing this kind of evidence is a form of gay-bashing. However, it is evidence such as this that may help steer someone away from the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases which, in so many cases, are closely linked to the gay lifestyle. Prejudice involves prejudging someone for no good reason, but sincerely warning someone of real dangers is not prejudice; it is love. The health and welfare of people is more important than the offense that some may feel over these words. I hope what I have written will be taken in the spirit that it is given and that is to bring a helpful warning of real danger to those at risk.

Sexually transmitted diseases take and ruin people's lives. Active homosexuals have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases. Statistics and reports should be a red flag of warning to all who would venture down this deadly path. They serve to confirm what the Bible tells us that homosexual relations are cursed. A lifestyle like this  is  wrong. We read "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (Leviticus 18:22) Studies suggest mental health, as well as physical health, is at great risk for anyone who would engage in this destructive and dysfunctional lifestyle. If you are considering living out the gay lifestyle, look long and hard at the repercussions others have suffered for choosing this way of life. I have not written this out of dislike for those struggling with gender identity disorder. You are loved and your life is precious and of enormous value. It is because your life is precious, that I plead with you to protect it by abstinence from the same-sex lifestyle. There is hope and help for those who would courageously turn from the same-sex lifestyle to God and His ways. I hope that you never have the horrible experience of having sex with someone who has a sexually transmitted disease and, knowingly, does not disclose that information to you. God bless you.


Shawn Stevens




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