The Vancouver School Board - Crushing Homophobia With an Iron Fist


The Vancouver School Board has thrown down the gauntlet, asserting that it will not tolerate homophobia which it associates with “hate crimes, harassments or discrimination.” It states in its “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirit, Questioning Policy” (LGBTTTQ) of February, 2004, that “specifically the Board will not tolerate hate crimes, harassment or discrimination, and will vigorously enforce policies and regulation dealing with such matters.” This intimidating document makes plain the Vancouver School Board's intentions of enforcing the acceptance of homosexuality within the school system in a way that is expedient and effective. It says; “This policy is also drafted to ensure that homophobic complaints are taken seriously and dealt with expeditiously and effectively through consistently applied policy and procedures.” The Vancouver School Board is in no way neutral or passive in its goal but claims that it is committed to maintaining an environment “which actively provides counselling and support to students who identify themselves on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.” What about students or parents who express conscientious objections to the morality of the homosexual lifestyle? They would intimidate  us to be careful over what comes out of our mouths concerning our conscientious convictions. Vancouver School Board's LGBTTTQ policy mandates:


Any language or behaviour that deliberately degrades, denigrates, labels, stereotypes, incites hatred, prejudice, discrimination, harassment towards students or employees on the basis of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identification will not be tolerated.


  To receive help in their mission of promoting a positive outlook towards homosexuality, the Vancouver School Board is looking to create partnerships with supportive organizations and LGBTTQ communities. They assert that “The Board will work to create partnerships that ensure effective participation in the education process by representative and inclusive organizations and LGBTTQ communities that are committed to the mission of the VSB.” Many conscientious parents are concerned about the partnerships that the Vancouver School Board is working to create between themselves and LGBTTTQ communities. Is it really in the best interests of students to be introduced to influential lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, transexual, and two-spirited individuals, many, or all, who may be activists in promoting their lifestyle? The Vancouver School Board has said that they wish to insure that homophobic complaints are taken seriously. Are the complaints of conscientious, conservative parents who cannot accept the homosexual lifestyle taken just as seriously? Are their sacred, religious beliefs allowed to have expression or is such expression labelled to be “hate crimes, harassment or discrimination?”  Many hold to a biblical world-view of morality and sexuality. The Bible states; "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." (Leviticus 18.22).

Does the Vancouver School Board's stated objective of providing a safe environment where “lesbian, gay, transgender, transexual, two-spirit, bi-sexual and questioning students, employees and families are welcomed and included in all aspects of education and school life” also extend to providing a safe environment to students whose sacred, religious beliefs prevent them from, in good conscience, accepting homosexuality which violates their faith commitment and the doctrinal creed of their respective Churches? Are they also respected and allowed expression? Are such conscientious students also welcomed and included in all aspects of education and school life when they dare to share their sincere beliefs? The Vancouver School Board claims to facilitate an environment where “all members of the school community may work together in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for individual differences.” In this environment, are religious objections to homosexual activities also respected and tolerated? Is tolerance given to those on both viewpoints in this issue?

Is the Vancouver School Board sincere in claiming it has as an objective the creation of an atmosphere of respect and tolerance towards LGBTTTQ individuals, and others, or does its policy go far beyond “tolerance” to actively promoting and endorsing the viewpoint of one side of this debate? Does it also value the protection of conscientious, religious individuals or is it determined to “vigorously enforce policy”? Is it open to the sacred and sincere beliefs of conservatives or does it instead seek to satisfy homosexual complaints “expeditiously and effectively through consistently applied policy and procedures”? Does it allow freedom of speech, one of the most fundamental freedoms human beings can enjoy, or does it impose political correctness through intimidation?

Shawn Stevens




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By quoting this document I am not claiming that the School District endorses my article.

Scripture taken from the King James Bible